1. Organization name
  2. Organization address
  3. Enter name and title
  4. Please enter the email address for the contact person.
  5. Organization's web site address
  6. Contact phone number
  7. Mission/purpose of the organization
  8. Organization's Federal Tax ID number
  9. What is the fiscal year end date for the Organization?
  10. What is the reason for change in accountants/auditors?

  11. Were you referred to Smith, Sullivan & Company by anyone?
  12. If referred, who referred you?

  13. Services required Please check the service you require.

  14. If you require an audit which of the following apply?
  15. Number of employees
  16. Approximate gross revenue

  17. Major sources of support? Check the sources of support/funding that apply.
  18. What accounting software and version do you use?

  19. How is your payroll prepared?

  20. How is your accounting/bookkeeping function staffed?
  21. Please enter the number of members of the Board of Directors.
  22. How often does the Board of Directors meet?

  23. Do you have Board Committees?
  24. What is the deadline for bid submission?

  25. How would you prefer to receive our proposal?
  26. Enter the month/dates desired to perform field work.
  27. Enter the month/dates desired to receive draft finical statements.
  28. Please enter the month/dates to receive the final documents.

  29. Preferred method of contact?
  30. If by phone, please let us know the best times to call?

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