Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service publications and links This website provides extensive tax information, online tools and resources for understanding small business federal tax requirements.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General

Massachusetts Secretary of State


Nonprofit Information Better Bus Bureau – Wise giving alliance and standards for nonprofits (board source, resources to help strengthen NFP boards of directors

Charity Navigator (CompassPoint Nonprofit Services) workshops, consulting, publications & other info & resources available to managers of NFPs) – Fundraising Program. It’s Free. It’s Easy. It Works. Collect Books. Get Cash! Boost Your Fundraising Efforts with Got Books.  Brochure


Internal Revenue Service (national council of nonprofit assns, sample governance policies and other info) – The Zeytoonian Center provides legal and dispute resolution services that are preventive, proactive, efficient and collaborative.  – Nonprofit Executives is an organization focused on connecting professionals committed to the nonprofit sector.



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Mass Data Privacy Forms

Small Business Guide: Formulating A Comprehensive Written Information Security Program

Compliance checklist

Sample Written Information Security Plan