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Smith, Sullivan & Brown, PC, CPASmith, Sullivan & Brown, PC, CPA

At Smith, Sullivan & Brown, PC our dedicated professionals listen to your auditing and accounting, tax preparation, and small business questions and offer personalized solutions to you and your family, business or nonprofit, all at a reasonable price.

Our accounting team has extensive experience. We understand your frustration when you tell us that you’ve paid top dollar for accounting services – only to learn that there’s a junior-level person working on your engagement. Or, that it’s mid-March and your accountant isn’t returning emails or phone calls because your files have been put on the back burner so that they can focus on the tax return crunch. At Smith, Sullivan & Brown, PC we only assign senior-level accountants to your project and they remain accessible throughout the year. Dedicated teams are assigned year-round specifically to our nonprofit and small business clients, so that deadlines are met on time and your questions never get ignored.

Established in 1993, Smith, Sullivan & Brown, PC is for you if you value communication, one-on-one attention, and “hands-on” expertise from experienced senior-level accountants. Whether you have a project to bid on now, or in the near future, contact us to schedule an introductory meeting, we’d love to meet you.


“Smith, Sullivan & Company is accessible, attentive, proactive and reliable. They can strategize equaling well with management as they can talk with an inexperienced bookkeeper through the process of untangling debits and credits which have landed in unusual places. We would not want to operate the company without their assistance. Every conversation with them is a mini-course in an aspect of financial management or tax planning. Furthermore, they defy all the common stereotypes of the Certified Public Accountant. The staff at Smith, Sullivan & Company are both personable and fun, as well as bright and insightful.”
Patricia J. Annett, Controller, Greater Boston Properties
“Partnering with Smith, Sullivan & Company has been one of the best business decisions we have made here at The Professional Center for Child Development. We have learned so much from Linda and her staff. We have never worked with anyone with such a knowledge and understanding of not only the intricacies of the nonprofit accounting world, but also of the limitations of our funding sources. They help keep us ahead of the curve with new regulations and changes. They work with you – we feel like we are part of a team.”
Veryl Anderson, Founder and Executive Director, The Professional Center for Child Developement
“Working with Smith, Sullivan & Company has been wonderful…they are timely, considerate and thorough. Their knowledge of federal and state contracts is excellent, and they have been able to facilitate clear and well thought out plans for our A-133 audits, the UFR, and 990. We are a small nonprofit and Smith, Sullivan & Company gets it.”
Lyn Levy Founder and Executive Director, Span, Inc., Boston

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